Grant Funding Renovates Garland EMS Facility

Grant Funding Renovates Garland EMS Facility

Sampson County, NC – Sampson County is pleased to announce a significant milestone in the enhancement of Emergency Medical Services in the Garland EMS Facility. Thanks to a State Capital Infrastructure Fund (SCIF) Grant, Sampson County Public Works has renovated the Garland EMS facility to better serve the needs of our community's Emergency Medical Services. 

The Garland EMS Facility was formerly operated by Garland Rescue, which was a complete volunteer agency. The building dates back to 1979. As volunteerism dropped in recent years, Garland Rescue donated the building to the County. Sampson County was able to secure grant funding to upgrade the facility's infrastructure, ensuring it is suitable and efficient for the County's EMS operations. This facility will play a crucial role in advancing the quality of healthcare services in the southern part of the county.

Key features of the renovated facility include: 

Training and Office Spaces: Spaces have been renovated for training and daily operations. This will foster continuous professional development among EMS personnel and enhance coordination with other first responders. 

Staff rest area and safety measures: The facility has divided new sections for the rest area to better adapt to EMS staff’s working schedule. The recently installed sprinkler system will contribute to creating a safer working environment, reducing the potential risks associated with fire hazards. 

This project demonstrates Sampson County's commitment to enhancing Emergency Medical Services and ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents. The facility is fully operational to serve the community's needs.