Water Operations

Water System Operations
Since the 1980’s, the County of Sampson has endeavored to find an economically feasible way to implement a countywide water system to serve the citizens of Sampson County.  Knowing that designing and constructing the entire countywide system all in one effort would be a financial burden that would make the project impractical and jeopardize its financial success, the Board of Commissioners opted to complete the project in several districts and phases. All districts are governed by the Sampson County Board of Commissioners sitting as the Sampson County Water District Board of Directors.

Water Sources and Quality
Sampson County purchases its water from the municipalities of Clinton, Garland, Roseboro and Turkey for resale to its water district customers. The municipalities of Clinton, Garland, Roseboro and Turkey obtain their water supply from groundwater, and an emergency connection with the City of Dunn is maintained. The County is now producing its own groundwater supply from two recently installed wells with plans for future expansion. All water is treated by conventional methods before distribution. The districts routinely monitor for contaminants in their drinking water according to federal and state laws. Water quality reports are prepared annually and are available by request in the Public Works Department.