Residential Building Plans

The following are site plan requirements for residential building:

Foundation/first floor framing plan with:

  • Specific wall footing width and depth of pour.
  • Detailed foundation wall size and construction type.
  • Wall construction size and type of construction.
  • Floor slab details.
  • Pier and footing sizes with dimensions for their location and spacing.
  • Girder sizes and locations, floor joist direction, bearing, size, spacing and species.
  • Foundation vent calculations, and foundation access door size and location.
  • Anchor bolts are required at all foundations and must be shown on plan.

Floor plans with:
  • Location and size of walls, windows, doors and stairs.
  • Beams and headers, with supports and attachments.
  • Ceiling plan with ceiling joist directions, bearing, size, spacing and species.

Roof framing showing:
  • Direction, bearing, size, spacing and species of rafters as well as special ridges or support for vaults, cathedral areas and valleys.
  • Roof vent calculations and roof coverings.
  • Truss layouts are required when manufactured roof trusses are to be used except for the simplest roof designs.

Miscellaneous information:
  • Insulation values for floors, walls and ceilings for conditioned spaces.
  • Attic access, elevations, and calculated areas for finished floor spaces and garage.
  • Fenestration calculations are required and must be provided on all plans with conditioned spaces. Structures with more than 15% fenestration must show method of energy compliance per North Carolina Energy Conservation Code Chapter 4.
  • Mean roof height or assumed mean roof height must be stated. Design values for cladding must be provided based upon mean roof height.