Minor Home Repairs

Sampson County Department of Aging has a minor home repairs with several funding sources. Steven Wilson is the Program Manager. 

For more information about the program, please contact
Angela Faircloth

NC Certified options counselor
Phone Number: 910-592-4653.

Home and Community Block Grant Program
The program provides minor home repairs, build wheelchair ramps, and install grab bars and hand rails. Clients must be 60 years and older to qualify.  Priority is given to low income households.
United Way Wheelchair Ramp Program 
The program builds wheelchair ramps for people who are under 60 and disabled.

Urgent Repair Program
When funding is available, eligible participants may qualify for the Urgent Repair Program. This program helps alleviate housing conditions which pose an imminent threat to the life or safety of very low-income homeowners with special needs. This program may provide accessibility modifications and other repairs necessary to prevent displacement of homeowners with special needs, such as frail elderly and persons with disabilities.  We can rectify deficiencies including: imminent structural system failures (e.g. porches, steps and roofs); ramps, hand rails and grab bars; kitchen and bathroom adaptations, and door alterations.