Senior Centers & Nutrition Sites

Nutrition Sites
Butler Court
501 Byron Butler Court,
Clinton, NC 28328

(910) 592-5604

Hours of Operation:
Mon, Tue, Wednesday & Friday: 9AM - 1PM
Thursday 9AM - 12 PM
183 Bland School Road 
Harrells, NC 28444

(910) 532-4090

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30AM - 12:30PM
Friday 8:30AM - 11:30PM
1358 Mingo Church Road
Dunn, NC 28334

(910) 567-2950

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9AM - 1PM
30 Market Street
Turkey, NC 28393

(910) 592-9349

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 9AM - 1PM
Friday 9AM - 12PM
4431 Old School Road
Newton Grove, NC 28366

(910) 567-6074

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9AM - 1PM

Senior Centers
91 N. Church Ave,
Garland, NC 28441

Tel: 910-529-3931
Fax: 910-529-1971

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM 
705 Boone St.,
Roseboro, NC 28328

Tel: 910-525-5706

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM

Nutrition Sites

There are five other Nutrition Sites located in Sampson County. Through these sites, older adults are provided well-balanced congregate or home-delivered meals. In addition to meals, the sites offer participants socialization, crafts and music, and most importantly, a sense of belonging. The contracted meal service is provided by the county. 

Harrells Nutrition Site: Diane Cromartie, Site Manager
The site focuses on building strong family and community support systems. The center hosts several supplemental projects during the year such as quilting raffles and plate sales to increase operational funds. One primary focus is making a statement with the use of gifted hands. Quilting projects express that and represent conversational masterpieces of divine wisdom and strength. The faithful ladies’ talented, crafted artistry can be seen in the woven pieces of fabric that are personalized gifts to others in the community who may be homebound or expecting additions in their families. Each hand- crafted quilt expresses love and details the bond of the participants who socially connect for the common good for others.

Mingo Nutrition Site: Lillie Williams, Site Manager
The site prides on the strength of “aging to perfection” in the golden years. The motto of being continually active to live longer can be evidenced the participants. They stay active and engaged by participating in weekly exercise activities such as corn hole games and video led routines. A favorite activity at the site is knitting projects. Every stitch promotes love, peace, joy happiness, and well-being shared with others in the community during nursing home and hospice facility visits.

Butler Court Nutrition Site: Thomasine McNeill, Site Manager
The site is a faith-based center. The participants stand on the principle that “everybody is somebody.” The site welcomes you with open arms to drop by and fellowship with them anytime of the day. You may hear daily devotions or sometimes receive special words of encouragement if you drop by this location. One special event that is hosted yearly is a health and wellness community fair. This is an outreach to the community which allows churches and other agencies an opportunity to partner and make a difference in the community and build support across different plateaus. The center also visits the nursing homes and other facilities in the community as an opportunity to connect with these individuals so they will not feel isolated, lonely, or socially excluded.

Turkey Nutrition Site: Gail Bell, Site Manager
The site believes in the motto of “reach one, teach one.” Even though it is a small-numbered setting, they pride themselves in knowing that the calendar events held monthly will at least benefit one person which potentially could help another in the future. The site hosts a health fair yearly. This fair brings new vendors and community representation near and far to educate and promote healthy living. Site participants enjoy different kinds of bingo routinely to include fruits, snacks, candies, personal items, and bean auctions to name a few prizes. Participants feel that it is important to connect with residents at the Mary Gran and Southwood nursing facilities monthly. The visits not only provide uplifting social encouragement boosts, but also gives residents an opportunity to participate in bingo and other beneficial activities to keep them active.

Westbrook Nutrition Site: Regina Lucious, Site Manager
The site is a person-centered site which stands on the principle of individuality. The sites main focus is participating in crafts that express who you are through the beauty of paintings and puzzle designs. The participants enjoy exercise weekly. The site ventures often to the local Rolling Ridge retirement facility to sing beautiful hymns and to socially interact with the facility program director over lunch.


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Senior Centers

The Senior Centers are multipurpose centers designed for the organization and provision of a broad program of services and activities for adults, aged 60 and older, which include: outreach; information and case assistance; health promotion; social, nutritional and educational programs (such as computer classes); volunteer opportunities; and recreational activities. The centers are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm. Transportation is provided. The Centers have a full-time manager and several center assistants. Butler Court and Garland Senior Center offer a variety of activities that increase the quality of life for seniors. 

Roseboro Senior Center:
 Gilbert Owens, Center Manager (under the direction of Marie Faircloth, Senior Center Director and Rachael Wilson, Nutrition Program Manager)
The center is a satellite branch of the Garland Senior Center. The central focus is staying fit and healthy in the mind, body and soul. They also offer similar activities as mentioned above.

Garland Senior Center: Marie Faircloth, Center Director
The center focuses on the setting being a “home away from home.” It is structured for the community to stop by for “drop-in” activities daily, which might include but not be limited to bingo, dance along to themed music, and educational sessions. The center focuses on computer classes, intergenerational activities, and building connections. The center director keeps the public informed by an editorial titled “Under the Shade Tree” published in the Sampson Independent. A most recent gardening project yielded some healthy vegetables. The center has offered several cooking classes and instructed seniors on the health benefits of home grown veggies and herbs. A primary day is the Older Americans event held in May which continues to encourage seniors that “one is never too old to play. Garland Center has a pool table, exercise room, sewing room and computer lab also. A volunteer provides tax preparation services every year. They have wellness programs such as: 

  • Being prepared for flu season by providing information and flu shots with partners such as Walgreens, the Community College nursing program, and Sampson County Health Department
  • Monthly foot care
  • Evidenced based exercise programs.  
  • Intergenerational and volunteer opportunities