DSS Advisory Committee

As of April 2018, the Sampson County Board of Commissioners assumed direct control of the Sampson County Board of Social Services, as authorized by NCGS 153A-76 and 153A-77. The commissioners elected to appoint an Advisory Committee to the Sampson County Department of Social Services comprised of 5 members.

While the Board of Commissioners exercises those powers and functions required to be exercised by the Board pursuant to the North Carolina General Statutes or the North Carolina Administrative Code, the Advisory Committee is tasked with providing information and advice to the commissioners on social conditions and needs in the community, regardless of whether the Board of Commissioners must take ultimate action with respect to a particular matter. The goal of the Advisory Committee is to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and excellence in the public social services system.

The Social Services Advisory Committee (SSAC)

The Social Services Advisory Committee routinely meets on the first Monday of every other month at 9:00 am in the 2nd floor conference room of the DSS building located at 360 County Complex Rd, Suite 100. 

Advisory Committee Members: 

Mr. Andrew Johnson, III (Chair)

Ms. Pamela McGuirt (Vice Chair)

Mr. Robert Werner

Mr. Thaddeus Godwin, Sr. 
Mr. Jeff Gray, Sr.