Sampson Area Transportation

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Mission Statement:
It is the goal of Sampson Area Transportation to provide safe, secure, reliable, and efficient transportation to all residents and citizens of Sampson County.

System Description
Sampson Area Transportation is a consolidated transportation system that provides transportation services Monday through Friday for trips to local agencies, medical appointments, individual shopping trips and the community college in Sampson County.  Limited services are available for out-of-county medical appointments for the general public. See the schedule below for more information or call the SAT office at (910) 299-0127.

Days and Hours of Service
The office hours are 8 am and to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Transportation services are from 5 am - 5 pm. 

Please call SAT at 910-299-0127 to register for transportation services


  • $2.00 per each trip for in-county transportation
  • Please call SAT at 910-299-0127 for information regarding the fare for out-of-county medical transportation

Sampson Same-Day

Sampson Area Transportation has started a new service called SAMPSON SAME-DAY. This service is available within a 10-mile radius of 1011 Sunset Avenue, Clinton (Clinton Post Office). The fare for each Sampson Same-Day one-way ride is $5.00. Simply call our office to request your pick-up. Call S.A.T. for more information today.

Sampson Area Transportation

Sampson Area Transportation
Phone: (910) 299-0127
Fax: (910) 299-0973
TTY: (800)-735-2962

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Physical Location
311 County Complex Rd.
Clinton, NC 28328

Rosemarie Oates
Transportation Director

Jeff Sawvel
Transportation Supervisor