Fire Inspections

Fire Inspection Schedule

  • Every 6 months      Schools (public & private)
  • 1 Year                   Educational, Hazardous, Institutional, High Rise, Assembly, Residential
  • 2 Year                   Industrial
  • 3 Year                   Business, Mercantile, Storage, Churches, Group U, and Assembly (occupant load less than 100)

Periodic inspections are currently conducted free of charge throughout the county, however, as of July 1, 2016 periodic inspection fees will be assessed. Most opertaional permits will be issued during periodic inspections. Special events may require an operational permit. Submit the completed permit application, the plan review fee, and all supporting documentation noted in the plan review submittal information section to the Fire Marshal’s Office. If violations are discovered during an inspection the occupant or owner will be notified in writing of the violations and a compliance inspection will be set, usually 30 to 60 days, to make the necessary corrections or repairs. A compliance inspection will be conducted to ensure the violations were corrected. If the violations have not been corrected or the occupant or owner has not requested an extension, compliance fees will be assessed based on the following schedule:

fee schedule
Fee Schedule


Plan Review Submittal Information

Amusement Buildings

  • Floor plan to scale
  • Site Plan

Pyrotechnic / Fireworks

  • Site Plan (outdoor displays)
  • Spectator & fallout area
  • Location of all buildings
  • Highways & Public Streets
  • Overhead obstructions
  • Utilities
  • Misfire procedures
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Name and address of all operators
  • Copy of the Display Operator’s license issued by State Fire Marshal (effective 2/1/2010)

Exhibit / Trade Shows

  •  Floor Plan

Carnival / Fair

  • Site Plan
  • Copy of approved zoning permit
  • Public Safety Plan (when applicable)

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