Sampson County Receives Substantial Funding from the NC DEQ to Enhance County Water Line Infrastructure near Landfill

Sampson County is proud to announce the receipt of significant funding from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ) aimed at improving our county's vital water line infrastructure near the landfill. This substantial funding underscores our commitment to ensuring access to clean, safe, and reliable water resources for our community.

The funding, totaling $4,119,320, represents a substantial investment in Sampson County's infrastructure. This funding will be instrumental in addressing critical infrastructure needs, enhancing water quality, and ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality water services to our residents who reside near the Sampson County landfill.

The funding will facilitate the expansion of our water line infrastructure near the landfill, allowing for improved water access in underserved areas of the county. This expansion will contribute to increased reliability and better water distribution. The proposed areas are as follows: The Avenue from Concord School Road to Bearskin Road; Whitewoods Road from Marion-Amos Road to Laurel Lake Road; Lakewood School Road from NC 24 to Laurel Lake Road; Bubba Gump Lane; Marion-Amos Road from White Woods Road to NC 24; Fleet Cooper Road from Harmony Church Road to Andrews Chapel; and a few private lanes. An estimated total of 270 homes will benefit from this water line infrastructure.

Our county remains dedicated to preserving our natural environment. The funding will support projects that promote environmental sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of our water supply and distribution systems.

NC DEQ’s investment in Sampson County's water infrastructure aligns with the state's broader efforts to safeguard water resources, protect public health, and promote sustainable growth.

About Sampson County: Sampson County is an inviting community renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, abundant natural resources, economic prosperity, and unparalleled quality of life. Working with integrity and fiscal prudence, we partner with our citizens to create and sustain a safe, healthy, and prosperous community which affords all citizens the opportunities, resources, and services they need to protect and enhance their lives.