Historic Courthouse Clock Receives Restoration Efforts

Historic Courthouse Clock Receives Restoration Efforts

In endeavor to revive a cherished piece of history, the Sampson County Public Works together with the timepiece expertise Mr. Daniel Williams have commenced on a restoration project for the iconic clock at the Sampson County Courthouse. The Courthouse, which was constructed from 1904 to 1905, has long been graced by the presence of this remarkable timepiece.

Manufactured by Seth-Thomas Clock Co., the clock, with the serial number 1268, was installed on November 10th, 1904. Serving as a testament to the craftsmanship, this antique timekeeping masterpiece has captivated generations of courthouse visitors with its traditional and elegant design.

However, the passage of time had taken its toll on the clock's intricate mechanisms. The last maintenance work performed on the clock dates to the late part of 2021. Several attempts had been made to revive it over the years. The wear and tear on the clock's major components necessitated a more extensive approach to restore its full functionality.

Recognizing the importance of minimizing disruptions to the daily operations of the courthouse, the Sampson County Public Works has diligently coordinated with the Clerk of Court to schedule all repair and restoration work. The aim is to carry out major repairs during periods when the courthouse is not in session, ensuring minimal impact on the court's proceedings.

One of the most significant challenges faced during this restoration endeavor is sourcing suitable replacement parts and conducting routine maintenance for the clock. Although fortunate to have successfully located the required components this time, the task is becoming increasingly difficult as the clock ages and compatible parts become scarcer. This poses a continuous challenge for the maintenance team, who are determined to preserve the clock's historical significance for years to come.

As the courthouse clock restoration project progresses, anticipation grows among the local community, eager to witness the revival of this iconic timepiece. Fully restored on June 19th, 2023, the Seth-Thomas clock continues to grace the courthouse, reminding visitors of the rich heritage and the past stories it represents.

Sampson County Public Works and Sampson County Clerk of Court remain committed to this precious masterpiece, ensuring that future generations can experience the greatness of this antique masterpiece while preserving an important piece of the courthouse's history.