Introducing our New Public Works Director

We are pleased to announce our new Public Works Director, Mark Turlington, who brings a wealth of experience and a passion for serving the communities. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades in the field of public works, County’s new Public Works director is well-prepared to lead the department and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Mr. Turlington dedicated 30 years of service before retiring from the NC Department of Transportation. In 2013, he embarked on a new chapter with Sampson County Public Works. Throughout his career, Mr. Turlington has gained invaluable insights and experiences and a profound understanding of the needs and expectations of the communities. He served as the Assistant Public Works Director for 5 years prior becoming the Public Works Director.

As Mr. Turlington steps into his new role, he has identified key priorities that will guide the efforts of his department - provision of clean, safe drinking water to Sampson County residents. Mr. Turlington is determined to address pressing challenges and alleviate any concerns regarding the water infrastructure. In his words, “We always look for new ways of doing things within the industry environment to make our jobs more productive and efficient.” Seeking appropriate software and embracing innovation and technological advancement, Mr. Turlington aims to improve overall effectiveness, sustainability, and quality for the Public Works Department.

Sampson County is excited to welcome Mr. Turlington as our new Public Works Director.