Economic Programs and Services

There are a variety of economic services to include assistance to eligible citizens for Child Day Care, Medicaid Transportation, At-Risk Case Management, Employment and Training, Food Assistance, Medicaid, Work First, Special Assistance for Adult Care Homes, and NC Health Choice. The purpose of each of these services is to promote self-sufficiency among families of Sampson County and support these families during the process.

Child Day Care
Provides assistance to working parents and some students with partial cost of daycare.

Food & Nutrition Services
Designed to promote the general welfare and safeguard the health and well-being of the nation’s population by raising the levels of nutrition among low-income households.  Households must file Food and Nutrition Services applications by submitting a state approved application form DSS-8207 to the FNS office in the county in which they reside.  The application may be submitted in person, by an authorized representative, faxed, via ePASS (online application) or by mail.

Medical assistance for eligible children, families, disabled adults, individuals over 65, qualified Medicare beneficiaries and individuals in nursing homes. The application may be submitted in person, by an authorized representative, faxed, via ePASS (online application) or by mail.

Medicaid - Long Term Care (MA-LTC)
This program provides financial assistance in the payment of the cost of care associated with nursing home institutionalization.

Medicaid Transportation
Assists individuals with medical related transportation.

Work First Family Assistance (WFFA)
Short-term cash assistance and services such as job search to help recipients become employed and self-sufficient.  Also, assistance is provided for eligible children whose caretaker is not eligible for benefits themselves.

Program Integrity (Fraud)
Program Integrity (Fraud) investigates reports of suspected fraud. Work includes getting funds paid back whenever someone has committed fraud or has made an inadvertent error in reporting information. To report fraud call (910) 592-7131, Monday throught Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

NC Health Choice
Health Check and Health Choice provides Medicaid for Families and Children. Health Check (Medical Insurance) and NC Health Choice for Children are two very similar insurance programs that provide health insurance for children. The income information determines which of the programs the family or the children are enrolled.

Special Assistance (SA)
This program provides financial assistance from county and state funds to assist in the payment of the room and board for individuals needing adult home level of care.