DSS Contacts

Sampson County Social Services
Main Phone: (910) 592-7131

Name Division Phone Extension Email
Aburto-Leon, Maria ADULT/LTC/SA 3313 maburto.leon@sampsondss.net
Aguirre, Mary HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3265 mary.aguirre@sampsondss.net
Anderson, Angelia FNS 3247 angelia.anderson@sampsondss.net
Anderson, Tasha Adult and Family Services 3328 natasha.anderson@sampsondss.net
Anttila, Angela Adult and Family Services 3346 angela.anttila@sampsondss.net
Autry, Michelle HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3001 alice.young@sampsondss.net
Barber, Ashley Family and Children 3227 ashley.barber@sampsondss.net
Barefoot, Shannon Family and Children 3245 shannon.barefoot@sampsondss.net
Barnes, Ebony FNS 3231 ebony.barnes@sampsondss.net
Basilio, Ruby Adult and Family Services   kari.phillips@sampsondss.net
Beard, Cheree ADULT/LTC/SA 3238 cheree.beard@sampsondss.net
Beatty, Joseph Family and Children 3234 joseph.beatty@sampsondss.net
Best, Keith FNS 3236 keith.best@sampsondss.net
Bizzell, Tiffany Family and Children 3281 tiffany.bizzell@sampsondss.net
Blackmon, Natalie Adult and Family Services 3357 natalie.blackmon@sampsondss.net
Blue, Dwayne Child Support 3124 dwayne.blue@sampsondss.net
Boyette, Domini FNS 3284 domini.boyette@sampsondss.net
Boykin, Jessica HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3249 alice.young@sampsondss.net
Bradshaw, Alisha Foster Care 3390 alisha.bradshaw@sampsondss.net
Bradshaw, Sharon ADULT/LTC/SA 3229 sharon.bradshaw@sampsondss.net
Brewington, Jona Child Support 3135 jona.brewington@sampsondss.net
Bridges, Patricia MISC 3219 patricia.bridges@sampsondss.net
Brock, Renee CPS 3329 renee.brock@sampsondss.net
Brown, Anita Child Support 3100 anita.brown@sampsondss.net
Brown, Joyce MISC 3335 joyce.brown@dhhs.nc.gov
Bullard, Ashley CPS 3350 ashley.bullard@sampsondss.net
Bumgarner, Alexis CPS 3325 alexis.bumgarner@sampsondss.net
Burley, Ashley CPS 3333 ashley.burley@sampsondss.net
Butler, Kelly Adult and Family Services 3389 kelly.butler@sampsondss.net
Cannon, Brittany Adult and Family Services 3244 brittany.cannon@sampsondss.net
Carlton, Anita Administration 3207 anita.carlton@sampsondss.net
Carter, Charlene NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3253 charlene.carter@sampsondss.net
Coffey, Kristen Foster Care 3334 kristen.coffey@sampsondss.net
Combs, Jennifer FNS 3285 jennifer.combs@sampsondss.net
Corbett, Jocelyn CPS 3304 jocelyn.corbett@sampsondss.net
Cortez, Diana HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3292 diana.cortez@sampsondss.net
Cromartie, Kalyn Family and Children 3266 kalyn.cromartie@sampsondss.net
Crumpler, Sekila ADULT/LTC/SA 3294 sekila.crumpler@sampsondss.net
Cruz, Felicia Family and Children 3267 felicia.cruz@sampsondss.net
Danks, Marc CPS 3319 marc.danks@sampsondss.net
Dodson, DeMario FNS 3205 demario.dodson@sampsondss.net
Donald, Rhonda FNS 3288 rhonda.donald@sampsondss.net
Dudley, Jane CPS 3354 jane.dudley@sampsondss.net
Edwards, Adia CPS 3316 adia.edwards@sampsondss.net
Elmore, Laura CPS 3397 laura.elmore@sampsondss.net
Evans, Amanda Foster Care 3395 amanda.evans@sampsondss.net
Evans, Danielle CPS 3367 danielle.evans@sampsondss.net
Everhart, DeAnna Family and Children 3260 deanna.everhart@sampsondss.net
Ezell, Dianne NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3363 medical.billing@sampsondss.net
Faircloth, Angel Adult Medicaid 3142 angel.faircloth@sampsondss.net
Faison, Denise FNS   denise.faison@sampsondss.net
Faison, Krystal FNS 3237 krystal.faison@sampsondss.net
Faison, Latosha Family and Children 3235 latosha.faison@sampsondss.net
Feige, Brittany Adult and Family Services 3339 brittany.feige@sampsondss.net
Fields, Lynn Administration 3204 lynn.fields@sampsondss.net
Flores, Monica Child Support 3130 monica.flores@sampsondss.net
Flores-Vanegas, Cristiana CPS 3356 cristiana.vanegas@sampsondss.net
Garner, Candice FNS 3226 candice.garner@sampsondss.net
Garner, Regina FNS 3191 regina.garner@sampsondss.net
Gibbs, Joshua Family and Children 3203 joshua.gibbs@sampsondss.net
Gongora, Eva HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3242 eva.gongora@sampsondss.net
Goodman, Adrian Family and Children 3213 adrian.goodman@sampsondss.net
Greene, Linda Accounting 3206 lindac.greene@sampsondss.net
Guard Security Administration 3277 security.guard@sampsondss.net
Guzman, Sandra Child Support 3126 sandra.guzman@sampsondss.net
Harrell, Joshua Foster Care 3332 harrelljoshua1995@yahoo.com
Hemingway, Antane' Family and Children 3296 antane.hemingway@sampsondss.net
Henasey, Karissa CPS 3360 karissa.henasey@sampsondss.net
Highsmith, Yolanda ADULT/LTC/SA 3222 yolanda.highsmith@sampsondss.net
Hill, Ashley Foster Care 3352 ashley.hill@sampsondss.net
Hill, Wahkuna CPS 3326 wahkuna.hill@sampsondss.net
Hobbs, Markeisha NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3198 markeisha.hobbs@sampsondss.net
Honeycutt, Felicia ADULT/LTC/SA 3263 felicia.honeycutt@sampsondss.net
Horner, Kelly Child Support 3123 kelly.horner@sampsondss.net
Jackson, Zekiah MISC 3338 zekiah.jackson@sampsondss.net
Johnson, Arrida MISC 3233 arrida.johnson@sampsondss.net
Johnson, Dora Adult and Family Services 3295 dora.johnson@sampsondss.net
Johnson, Latoshia Foster Care 3353 latoshia.johnson@sampsondss.net
Jones, Brandy Family and Children 3221 brandy.jones@sampsondss.net
Jones, NeLexus Family and Children Medicaid 3197 nelexus.jones@sampsondss.net
Jordan, Tracy Child Support 3128 tracy.jordan@sampsondss.net
King, Renee ADULT/LTC/SA 3276 renee.king@sampsondss.net
Knowles, Betty IT 3258 betty.knowles@sampsondss.net
Lane, Katie Child Support 3131 katie.lane@sampsondss.net
Leonardo, Wendy ADULT/LTC/SA 3272 wendy.leonardo@sampsondss.net
Lewis, Karen Family and Children 3220 karen.lewis@sampsondss.net
Lindsay, Stephanie Family and Children 3199 stephanie.lindsay@sampsondss.net
Lucas, Wilma NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3273 wilma.lucas@sampsondss.net
Mallow-Whitaker, Sade Foster Care 3301 sade.mwhitaker@sampsondss.net
Marquez, Anna FNS 3305 anna.marquez@sampsondss.net
Mars, Denese FNS 3255 denese.mars@sampsondss.net
Matthews, Nicole CPS 3306 shonika.matthews@sampsondss.net
Matthews, Rhonda Adult and Family Services 3323 rhonda.matthews@sampsondss.net
Mattocks, Leslie Family and Children 3264 leslie.mattocks@sampsondss.net
May, Kristan ADULT/LTC/SA 3257 kristan.may@sampsondss.net
McDougal, Sa'netra FNS 3214 sanetra.mcdougal@sampsondss.net
McNeill, Regina Administration 3209 regina.mcNeill@sampsondss.net
Merritt, Brittany Child Support 3137 brittany.merritt@sampsondss.net
Miller, Courtney Family and Children 3228 courtney.miller@sampsondss.net
Molina, Kevin IT 3256 kevin.molina@sampsondss.net
Montgomery, Kasin MISC 3331 alice.young@sampsondss.net
Montoya, Shanyn Child Support 3129 shanyn.montoya@sampsondss.net
Moore, Johnny CPS 3336 johnny.moore@sampsondss.net
Moore, Karen CPS   karen.moore@sampsondss.net
Moore, Monica Foster Care 3351 monica.moore@sampsondss.net
Moore, Morgan Administration 3347 morgan.sanderford@sampsondss.net
Moore, Tabitha FNS 3287 tabitha.moore@sampsondss.net
Newman, MeLisa Foster Care 3330 melisa.newman@sampsondss.net
Nunnery, Jamee CPS   jamee.nunnery@sampsondss.net
Oates, Ommie Family and Children 3218 ommie.oates@sampsondss.net
Oberschelp, Raettcheal CPS 3309 roberschelp@sampsondss.net
Odom, Tracey Adult and Family Services 3359 tracey.odom@sampsondss.net
Oliver, Lindsey FNS 3261 lindsey.oliver@sampsondss.net
Ordaz, Maria Adult and Family Services 3212 maria.ordaz@sampsondss.net
Owens, Brittnie CPS 3307 brittnie.owens@sampsondss.net
Owens, Tommie CPS 3392 tommie.owens@sampsondss.net
Parker, Lakisha Family and Children 3286 lakisha.parker@sampsondss.net
Phillips, Kari Adult and Family Services 3252 kari.phillips@sampsondss.net
Pierre Nelson, Dadie ADULT/LTC/SA   dadie.pierrenelson@sampsondss.net
Pinckney, Brittany Family and Children 3345 brittany.pinckney@sampsondss.net
Pollard, Aubrey Adult and Family Services 3324 aubrey.pollard@sampsondss.net
Pope, Kristie Foster Care 3340 kriste.pope@sampsondss.net
Price, Monica Administration 3239 monica.price@sampsondss.net
Pridgen, Zaria Food and Nutrition Serives 3143 zaria.pridgen@sampsondss.net
Raico, Christina Child Support 3121 christina.raico@sampsondss.net
Register, Stephanie Family and Children 3290 sregister@sampsondss.net
Rivera, Minerva FNS 3196 minerva.rivera@sampsondss.net
Robinson, Frank Foster Care 3386 frank.robinson@sampsondss.net
Robinson, Monica Adult and Family Services 3312 monica.robinson@sampsondss.net
Salazar, Claudia Family and Children 3141 claudia.salazar@sampsondss.net
Sampson, Karolina Accounting 3202 karolina.sampson@sampsondss.net
Sampson, Kimberly Adult and Family Services 3243 kim.sampson@sampsondss.net
Santiago, Lisseth Foster Care 3298 lisseth.santiago@sampsondss.net
Santos, Patty Administration 3269 patty.santos@sampsondss.net
Sessoms, Ebony FNS 3262 ebony.sessoms@sampsondss.net
Setzer, Rob Adult and Family Services 3387 robert.setzer@sampsondss.net
Sexton, Jamie Family and Children 3293 jamie.sexton@sampsondss.net
Sheets, Frances HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3211 frances.sheets@sampsondss.net
Sheets, Kevin Adult and Family Services 3303 kevin.sheets@sampsondss.net
Simmons, Carlina Foster Care 3315 carlina.simmons@sampsondss.net
Simmons, Diamond CPS 3365 diamond.simmons@sampsondss.net
Simmons, Lakeshia Adult and Family Services 3322 lakeshia.simmons@sampsondss.net
Simmons, Magon ADULT/LTC/SA 3259 magon.simmons@sampsondss.net
Sinclair, Sharon NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3278 sharon.sinclair@sampsondss.net
Siquina, Daisy 2nd Shift CPS 3388 daisy.siquina@sampsondss.net
Smith, Kayla Adult and Family Services 3308 kayla.smith@sampsondss.net
Smith, Kerry Child Support 3133 kerry.smith@sampsondss.net
Smith, Lora NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3217 brandy.jones@sampsondss.net
Stevens, Yolanda Foster Care 3337 yolanda.stevens@sampsondss.net
Strickland, Cathy Family and Children 3348 cathy.strickland@sampsondss.net
Taylor, Kassandra Adult and Family Services 3317 kassandra.taylor@sampsondss.net
Thompson, Tyniq CPS 3250 tyniq.thompson@sampsondss.net
VanHouten, Chloe Family and Children 3208 chloe.vanhouten@sampsondss.net
Vann, Jane ADULT/LTC/SA 3297 jane.vann@sampsondss.net
Vann, Mahogany Foster Care 3355 mahogany.vann@sampsondss.net
Verdun, Corletha Family and Children 3299 corletha.verdun@sampsondss.net
Wade, Marilyn Child Support 3127 marilyn.wade@sampsondss.net
Watkins, Lisa Adult and Family Services 3361 lisa.watkins@sampsondss.net
Wilkins, Jakiyah CPS 3349 jakiyah.wilkins@sampsondss.net
Williams, Dwight Foster Care   dwight.williams@sampsondss.net
Williams, Tammy NEMT/CHILDCARE/ENERGY/TRAINING 3343 tammy.williams@sampsondss.net
Wilson, Antolina Adult and Family Services 3251 antolina.wilson@sampsondss.net
Wilson, Diane FNS 3283 diane.wilson@sampsondss.net
Wuester, Jennifer Administration 3216 jennifer.wuester@sampsondss.net
Young, Alice HR/Interpreters/Clerical 3246 alice.young@sampsondss.net
Young, Rebecca Family and Children 3223 rebecca.young@sampsondss.net
Young, Saraha FNS 3280 saraha.young@sampsondss.net