Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol provides the basic law enforcement protection for the people of Sampson County and is responsible for providing public protection twenty-four hours a day. A uniformed deputy is usually the first representative a citizen of Sampson County may encounter, and they are the backbone of the Sheriff's Office. The overall goal of Uniform Patrol is to prevent crime by deterring those who may violate the law through highly visible proactive instead of reactive patrolling of the county. To accomplish this goal deputies will respond without unnecessary delay to calls for aid, will conduct thorough preliminary investigations, and will assist the citizens of Sampson County with countless legal, social and humanitarian issues. They are responsible for serving all criminal process, performing business checks, as well as enforcing all federal, state and local laws.

Deputies patrol their assigned zones and respond to calls for service when dispatched. Deputies constantly face dangerous situations but continue to be vigilant against criminal activity. All deputies receive countless hours of in-service and school training in various areas to provide a wide range of knowledge to better serve the citizens of this great county. Each squad works a twelve-hour rotating shift, with the deputies rotating to either day or night shift.  The schedule allows each squad to be off-duty every other weekend.