Special Investigations

The Sampson County Sheriff's Office, Special Investigation Division, SID, provides the citizens of Sampson County specialized investigations of those crimes involving the North Carolina Controlled Substance Act, gambling, prostitution, illegal dog and rooster fighting, illegal sales of alcohol and investigate the nuisance of unruly neighbors.

SID is expected to work very closely with their counterparts in all Municipalities within Sampson County and surrounding counties, as well as State and Federal agencies. SID is currently composed of seven special agents. Some of SID's Duties include:

  • Investigation of drug related activity
  • Investigation of illegal alcohol activity
  • Investigates prostitution/gambling activities
  • Manages and operates undercover operations
  • Works closely with Federal, State, and Local law enforcement authorities involving drug related investigations
  • Other investigative related activities
  • Gangs

To Report Drug activity or for more information about the Sampson County Sheriff's Office Special Investigation Division Call (910) 592-8917 or (910) 592-4141