Reserve Deputies

Reserve Deputies generally assist full-time sworn personnel in the day-to-day delivery of law enforcement services and for emergencies. Reserve Deputies of the Sampson County Sheriffs Office have the authority to exercise the same law enforcement powers as full-time sworn personnel, whenever assigned to duties by supervisory or command officers of the Sampson County Sheriff's Office. Official duties of such Reserve Deputies include, but are not limited to:

  • Any day-to-day delivery of law enforcement services
  • Emergencies
  • Special details
  • Providing coverage for funerals
  • Assisting with parades
  • Assisting with community events, etc.

All Reserve Deputies must complete a state certified basic law enforcement training course prior to assuming any law enforcement activity. Reserve Deputies assigned to the detention center must complete a detention officer certification course prior to assuming the responsibilities of a detention officer.

Reserve Deputies are required to perform a minimum of twelve hours of duty per month or one hundred and forty-four hours a year in order to maintain their status as a Reserve Deputy.