Domestic Violence

Sheriff Jimmy Thornton saw the opportunity to strengthen his battle against domestic violence cases through a grant funded by the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission. The grant was approved for two deputies, who received special training in enforcing domestic violence laws and taking abusers to court, regardless if the victim decides not to prosecute. Domestic Violence is the # 1 cause of injury to women in the United States. The Domestic Violence Team started on August 1, 2003. Some of the Domestic Violence Teams duties include:

  • Responding to domestic violence calls
  • Investigating ALL domestic violence cases reported in Sampson County
  • Preparing the cases for court
  • Working closely with U-Care Domestic Violence Shelter including transportation to and from if needed
  • Providing onsite crisis intervention and support for victims and children, including referring them to local programs for additional services
  • Storaging of surrendered firearms and ammunition