Administrative Services

Eric Pope
Marcus Smith

Administrative Services falls under the direct supervision of the Sheriff and consist of both sworn and civilian staff who are also responsible for the following functions:

  • Background investigations on applicants
  • Internal affairs investigations
  • Grant management 
  • Emergency Management Liaison
  • Policy development
  • Personnel Development & Training Coordinator
  • Research and development
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Budget Management
  • Receiving, Processing, and Maintaining Reports
  • Providing information to departmental personnel, other law enforcement agencies, and the public
  • Processing permits to purchase handguns
  • Processing sexual offender registration
  • Receiving warrants, orders for arrest, criminal summons and subpoenas
  • Issuing the criminal papers to the Patrol Division
  • Ordering supples for the facility
  • Process bills for payment
  • Assists the Chief Deputy with other projects, as necessary