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Civil Penalties Fire Inspections Fire Investigations New Construction Open Burning


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North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code

The Sampson County Fire Marshal’s Office is a division of Emergency Services and conducts inspections throughout the county and in each municipality. Effective July 1, 2016, several municipalities will assume responsibility for conducting fire prevention inspection services within the corporate limits and their established Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Please refer to the Area of Service chart below. The Sampson County Inspections Department will continue to serve all areas. The provisions of the fire code apply to all new and existing structures and conditions except those specifically exempted such as single-family dwellings and certain farm buildings.

The Fire Marshal’s Office issues construction and operational permits required by the fire code, conducts plan reviews for new construction, and inspects and permits other activities such as flammable liquid tank installations and removals, erecting tents or air supported structures, carnivals and fairs, and firework displays. The 2012 International Fire Code with the North Carolina Amendments are enforced throughout the county. The Fire Marshal’s Office also conducts inspections for In Home Day Cares, Foster Homes, and Therapeutic Homes. The office works closely with the Sampson County Inspections Department to ensure all structures are constructed and maintained to meet the minimum standards with respect to life safety. 

Areas of Service    
 Jurisdiction     New Construction     Periodic Inspections
 Sampson County (Unincorporated areas)    Sampson County      Sampson County
 Garland    Sampson County     Sampson County
 Turkey    Sampson County    Sampson County
 Roseboro    Sampson County    Sampson County
 Harrells    Sampson County    Sampson County
 Autryville    Sampson County
   Sampson County
 Salemburg    Town of Salemburg    Town of Salemburg
 Clinton    City of Clinton    City of Clinton
 Newton Grove    Sampson County    Sampson County

      Fire Marshal Office
530 Commerce Street,
Clinton, NC 28328
(910) 592-5383 fax

Prentice Madgar 
Fire Marshal

Joshua Deaver
Deputy Fire Marshal