Emergency Medical Services

Sampson County EMS provides paramedic level emergency medical treatment throughout Sampson County.  We are supported by volunteer EMS agencies and volunteer fire medic units.

Sampson County EMS was formed in 1990 with one ambulance operating from 6 am to 6 pm at the EMT-Defibrillation level.  In April 2002, SCEMS started providing emergency medical care at the EMT-Intermediate level which allowed us to be able to provide a more advanced airway along with additional medications.  In May 2007, SCEMS started providing EMT-Paramedic care, which is the most advanced pre-hospital care allowed in North Carolina.  We operate under the direction of our Medical Director and our North Carolina Office of EMS approved treatment protocols.

We respond to approximately 12,000 calls for service annually. We handle this call volume by operating seven ambulances and Quick Response Vehicle (QRVs) strategically located throughout the county. Continuous 24-hour coverage is accomplished with employees split up into three shifts that are overseen by Paramedic Shift Supervisors, a Training Officer, and an EMS Operations Chief.

Our volunteer squads operate at either the EMT basic or the EMT-Intermediate level and assist the paid units predominately at night and on weekends.  Our volunteers are a valuable asset to our service and volunteers are always welcome. We are a division of Sampson County Emergency Services which is overseen by our Emergency Services Director.

It is our mission and goal that we will provide professional and prompt Emergency Medical care while constantly striving to remain a comprehensive, clinically sophisticated and compassionate EMS System.