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Register of Deeds: Eleanor Bradshaw
The Register of Deeds is the official custodian of records for the citizens of Sampson County. The office records all deeds, deeds of trust, powers of attorney, corporation charters, businesses under assumed names, right-of-way agreements, easements, contracts, requests for notice of sale, fixture filings of real property under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), or any instrument that has been properly notarized. The office also maintains and issues copies of vital records such as marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, as well as legitimatizations of births out of wedlock, and military discharges. The Register of Deeds office administers Notary Public oaths.

The Register of Deeds is an elected official who serves a four-year term of office.

Hours of Operation
The Register of Deeds Office is open to the general public from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each weekday, excluding holidays observed by Sampson County Local Government.

Records Search
The Register of Deeds maintains several indices by which records can be located – deeds by seller’s or mortgagor’s name, buyer’s or mortgager’s name; plats by individual or subdivision name, corporations by name, powers of attorney by name, and fixture filings by grantor/grantee. The Register of Deeds staff will be happy to assist you with your search.

Preparation of a Legal Document/Legal Advice
The Register of Deeds is a recording agency only. North Carolina General Statutes prohibit Registers of Deeds from practicing law or giving legal advice (such as authoring deeds, determining clear title, or answering legal questions concerning liens or deeds).

Vital Records
Marriage Licenses – You may apply for and purchase a license in Sampson county and have the marriage ceremony preformed in any county in the State of North Carolina. The license MUST be returned to the Register Of Deeds’ Office in the county in which it was issued. Both parties must appear and provide a valid, picture ID and their Social Security card. If either party requesting the marriage license is under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must sign the license granting consent. The fee for a marriage license is $60. Parties must be present no later than 4:00 p.m. The fee for a certified copy of a marriage license is $10.

Birth/Death Certificates – By law, only certain family members may receive certified birth or death certificates. Individuals may request certified records for themselves, their spouse, their parents, children, siblings or grandparents. Anyone requesting a certified copy of any vital records will be required to produce a valid, picture ID. Photocopies of vital records are available to anyone if a notation is made stating that the document will not be used for official purposes. The fee for a certified birth or death certificate is $10.

Other Fees and Charges
Copy Charges
Military Discharges - No charge
All Certified Copies - $ 10.00
Document Copies (self made) $ .25/page
Document Copies (staff made) $ .50/page(plus .50 for postage/envelope if return by mail requested)
Map Copies - $ 3.00

Recordation Fees
Deeds - 1st Page up to 15 Pages     3" Top Margin and 1/4" Side ($5 Cultural Resources Fund less 2% Co. Admin. Cost)- $26.00;Each Additional Page after 15
Additional (multi-instrument) $10.00 {This fee has not changed, it does NOT include a Rider attached to a DT}
Deeds of Trust - $56.00 first page up to 15 pages ($13 County Fund; $10.00 Floodplain Mapping Fund; $5 State General Fund) Each Additional Pager after 15 - $4.00
All Other Real Property $ 14.00 first page; $3.00 each additional page
UCC - $38.00 1-2 page(s), $45.00 3-10 pages, $2.00 each additional page over 10
Excise Tax on Real Property $ 2.00 per $1000 of purchase price
Corporation Charters $ 14.00 first page, $3.00 each additional page
Maps - $21.00

Vital Records
Certified Birth Certificate $ 10.00
Certified Death Certificate $ 10.00
Certified Marriage Certificate $ 10.00
Legitimation $40.00 ($30.00 of which is forwarded to State Vital Records)
Delayed Birth Certificates $ 20.00
Marriage License $ 60.00 CASH ONLY
Amendments $ 25.00

Other Fees
Notary Public Oaths $ 10.00


Register of Deeds:
Eleanor Bradshaw

Physical Address:
126-A W. Elizabeth Street
Clinton, North Carolina 28328

Telephone: (910) 592-8026
Facsimile: (910) 592-1803

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