County Board of Elections Nominates New Elections Director

The Sampson County Board of Elections announced today their nomination of Emily C. DeVane as the new Director of Elections for Sampson County, pending the issuance of a letter of appointment by the Executive Director of the State Board of Elections (pursuant to GS 163-35). Assuming this concurrence is issued, Ms. DeVane will assume her new responsibilities on October 21, 2019, at a salary of $46,380.

DeVane currently works in the finance department for Clinton City Schools and has previously served as a member of the Sampson County Board of Elections. DeVane resigned her position on the Board of Elections immediately today upon nomination as the new Elections Director, having previously recused herself from the interview process after deciding to apply for the Director position.

While the responsibility for selecting a nominee for appointment to fill a vacancy in the office of county Director of Elections rests with the Board of Election itself, Elections Board Chairman Horace Bass expressed his appreciation to the County for their assistance in the process. “We would like to thank the County for assisting with the position advertising and the coordination and scheduling of the candidate interviews, he stated. “The Elections Board was pleased to receive fourteen applications for the Director position, and we chose to interview seven candidates, including Ms. DeVane, the Board’s unanimous nomination.”

A County elections director is responsible for directing administrative work, planning, coordinating, directing and supervising federal, state, county, municipal and special election processes and staff under the direction of the Board of Elections. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of federal, state and local election and voting registration laws, regulations, procedures to ensure all election-related activities adhere to state and related laws.