2019 Property Tax Bills on Real Estate and Personal Property

The 2019 property tax bills on real estate and
personal property listed in January have been mailed. If
you have any questions concerning your bill or did not
receive one and thought you should, please contact the
Sampson County Tax Office at 910-592-8146.
A 2% discount is offered if taxes are paid by
September 3, 2019. If mailing U.S. Postmark must be on
or before September 3, 2019.

Upon receipt of bill, if full payment cannot
be made, partial payment will be accepted until taxes
become delinquent. Please mail or bring all tax notices
when making payments to insure all accounts are paid.
The 2019 property taxes will be delinquent after January
6, 2020. If taxes are not paid in full by this date, legal
action will be taken to collect.

If your property tax is escrowed, please forward
the taxes that are escrowed to your mortgage company
to assure that the correct parcels are paid.

Sampson County Tax Collector
126 West Elizabeth St. | Courthouse Annex Bldg.
P.O. Box 207 | Clinton, N.C. 28329