Land Use Plan Steering Committee Seeks Public Input for Land Use Plan

The Sampson County Planning Board, Clinton-Sampson Planning Department, and Sampson County Land Use Plan Steering Committee are in the process of developing an updated Sampson County Land Use Plan.  In the Summer of 2016, with the approval of the Sampson County Board of Commissioners, the Clinton-Sampson Planning Department staff initiated work on an in-house update to the Sampson County Land Use Plan. The in-house process, offered as a part of the County’s ongoing cost-savings initiative, was anticipated to save the County as much as $50,000 versus out-sourcing the project. Public input is an important aspect of any plan and will help guide the development of the final plan and any recommended changes or additions.  Thus, the Land Use Plan Steering Committee is offering opportunities for public input at meetings in the northern, southern and central portions of the County:

  • Thursday, July 13, 2017 – 6:30 pm – Harrells Activity Center (EMS building) – 891 Ward Road, Harrells, NC
  • Thursday, July 20, 2017 – 6:30 pm – Clinton City Hall Auditorium – 221 Lisbon Street, Clinton, NC
  • Thursday, July 27, 2017 – 6:30 pm – Spivey’s Corner Fire Department – 8200 Newton Grove Hwy, Dunn, NC

Sampson County adopted its first Land Use Plan in 2001, with other plans, ordinances, and county-wide zoning to follow.  In 1998, Sampson County adopted a Manufactured Home Park Ordinance, and followed in 1999 with the adoption of Subdivision regulations.  County wide zoning was pursued and adopted in 2004.

Land Use Planning is a general term used for a branch of planning encompassing various disciplines which seek to provide some order to land use regulation in an efficient and ethical way, thus preventing land use conflicts between different types of land uses.  Jurisdictions such as Sampson County use land use planning to manage growth and development within their jurisdiction.  The elements of a land use plan may include land use/growth and development, economic development, transportation, open space and recreation, community facilities/infrastructure, conservation of environmentally sensitive areas, and hazard mitigation.

Participating member of this initiative were  current Sampson County Planning Board members  Ann Naylor, Chair, Clayton Hollingsworth, Vice-Chair, Debra Bass, Sherri Smith, Nancy Blackman, Stephen Parker, and Andrew Jackson, former  Planning Board members Gary Mac Herring and Gary Henry, Land Use Steering Committee appointees Freddie Butler, Tim Butler, Andy Darden, and Gail Gainey. Participating staff were: Ed Causey, County Manager, Ronald Bass, Emergency Management Director, Dana Hall, Recreation Director, Lin Reynolds, Public Works Director, John Swope, Economic Development Director, Mary M. Rose, Planning Director, Lyle Moore, Senior Planner, and Jake Palant, Planner.

"The decisions made by our Planning Board are based on the guidelines as set forth in our current Land Use Plan to ensure consistency in our decision making process.  As our county has developed and changed, so should our thought process on how we view future growth.  We encourage the participation of friends and neighbors during this process.  In updating our existing plan, we will strive to formulate and recommend policies that allow for long term growth.  We will focus on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our county and make projections for growth that will benefit the county as a whole.  Public participation is critical in helping to identify these components as we move forward." – Ann Naylor, Chair, Sampson County Planning Board