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This page houses resources for the use of Sampson County employees.

Employees should monitor this section for the latest announcements regarding insurance open enrollment, annual wellness surveys, changes to insurance coverage and other miscellaneous information of note.

Sampson County’s 2017 Wellness Screening has been scheduled for March 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, and 16, 2017 at the Sampson County Health Department, Building E, 360 County Complex Road, Clinton, NC (second floor of the Human Services Building). In order to receive the $30 per month discount on your health insurance premium, you must complete the Wellness Screening as well as the On-Line Health Risk Assessment. The appointments are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every 10 minutes. At the event, you will undergo a simple fingerstick along with biometric screening of height, weight, and blood pressure. You will then receive a report of your results, normal ranges, and brief description of tests before you leave. Please retain these results as they will need to be entered when you complete the on-line health risk assessment. For more information on registering for the screening and completing the online health assessment following you screening, click here.

5/27/16: OPEN ENROLLMENT - JUNE 1, 2016

Open enrollment is set to begin June 1, 2016. Group Benefit Services, along with representatives from Aflac and Colonial, will visit each department to meet with employees that are interested in the supplemental insurances additions and changes, as well as with those employees who wish to participate in the flexible spending accounts of medical and dependent care through Ameriflex. If you wish to make changes to your health, dental, or vision insurances, you will need to complete that necessary paperwork at the Finance Office. Please contact Connie Fann or Cathy McDaniel by June 17, 2016 to make those changes. Open enrollment will be handled differently than in the past. For more information, click here.

All County employees can log onto the County’s benefit portal (https://blueocean.edh.com/) for specific benefit information and benefit election and enrollment guidelines. In early March 2016, each employee received via email a user ID and password.  Employees having problems accessing the benefits portal after receiving this information should contact Connie Fann, Human Resources Manager at connief@sampsonnc.com.

Insurance (Health, Dental, Vision)

Employees may refer to the 2015-2016 Employee Benefits Summary and Enrollment Guide for details on benefits, enrollment, and contact information for benefit questions.

Health Insurance:
County government provides group health insurance coverage to permanent employees. Employees are eligible for coverage on the first day of the month following their 60th day of employment. Services are subject to limits and exclusion. The County and employees share the cost for individual coverage, and the employee is responsible for paying the cost of family coverage. There is a financial incentive of $30 per month reduction in the employee cost of hospitalization insurance for those employees who participate in the County’s voluntary wellness plan. Note: With the implementation of the Pay Plan and Classification Study in July 2015, employees began paying their portion of health insurance costs based upon graduated salary thresholds as noted in the chart below; coverage for dependent coverage will increase until 2018 by the percentage of salary increase the employee received in the implementation of the Pay Plan.

  Annual Salary at July 1, 2015 Year 1: 7/1/2015 Year 2: 7/1/2016 Year 1: 7/1/2017 Year 1: 7/1/2018
 Less than 25,000 - - - -
 25,000-35,000 2.00 4.00 9.00 14.00
 35,000-45,000 5.00 9.00 14.00 25.00
 45,000-55,000 9.00 14.00 32.00 49.00
 55,000-65,000 16.00 28.00 39.00 75.00
 65,000 and over 25.00 49.00 75.00 

Dental Insurance: County government provides dental insurance coverage to permanent employees. In years 1 and 2 of the Pay Plan implementation, the County will continue to pay the employees’ costs of the dental plan for employees. Employees will continue to pay the entire cost for family dental coverage. For FY 2015-2016, the employee cost (paid by the County) is $30.26 per month. The family plan for dental insurance is $97.00 per month, and employee plus one dependent plan for dental insurance is $75.15 per month. All employees will pay $30 per year toward their individual dental insurance in implementation year 3 and $60 per year in implementation year 4 and thereafter. These amounts will be in addition to any dependent insurance coverage.

Vision Insurance: The County participates in a vision insurance program for County employees as a benefit.  This program allows employees to purchase insurance through voluntary payroll deductions, with no participation (match) from the County.  Eligible employees are those who are working full-time (at least 20 hours a week) and in addition, employees may apply for coverage for their spouses and children. 

Life Insurance: Basic Term Life Coverage of $10,000 is provided as benefit with the County paying 100% of the employee premium. Eligible employees are those who are working full-time (as least 30 hours a week). Employees may apply for coverage for their spouses and children and additional coverage for themselves, but the County does not contribute to these premiums. 

NC Local Government Employees Retirement System

Permanent employees are eligible to participate in the North Carolina Local Government Employees Retirement System (NCLGERS) at date of employment. The employee makes a mandatory contribution of 6%, which is matched by the County in an actuarial equivalent, the amount being determined by the State each year. Employees are vested at 5 years as a contributing member. After one year contributing membership in the system, a death benefit may be allowed. Please refer to the NCLGERS website at this link for more information. Please refer to the following NCLEGERS website and document links for information specific to law enforcement and non-law enforcement employees.

Supplemental Insurance (401K, 457)

Permanent employees are eligible to participate in the NC401(K) Plan. Currently, the County provides all employees with a 401(k) contribution that equates to 2.53% of their income. Law enforcement employees, per state law, receive 5%. With the implementation of the Pay Plan employees are encouraged to take a more significant role in preparing for their retirement. Therefore, beginning in FY 2015-2016, the guaranteed deposit for non-law enforcement personnel will be reduced from 2.53% to 1.5%. At the same time, the County will match deposits made by non-law enforcement employees to their 401(k) account or 457(b) account up to 3.5%. The County match funds will be deposited to the employee’s 401(k) account only.  Thus, a non-law enforcement employee will have the opportunity to end up with an additional 5% contribution by the County by contributing 3.5% of their own resources. The employee must be a member of the retirement system to be eligible for employer/employee contribution. A voluntary 457(b) Plan is also available for employees; the County does not make any contributions to the employee’s account for this plan.

Flexible Spending Plans 

Cafeteria/125 Plans allow employees to have certain insurance premiums payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis. Annual benefit elections must be made within 30 days of new hire eligibility date or during the annual Open Enrollment period in June-July. Benefit elections are made through the employee benefit portal. 

Annual Leave

Annual leave is designed for rest and relaxation, and may be used for medical appointments and when sick leave is exhausted. Employees working the basic work week accrue annual leave at the rates in the chart below; those employees having a work week that differs from the basic work week should refer to the Sampson County Personnel Resolution for the calculation formula. Please refer to the Sampson County Personnel Resolution, Article VI for more detailed information on Leaves of Absence.  

 Years of Aggregate Service  Hours Earned Each Month Days Earned Each Month Days Earned in One Year
 Less than 2 years  6.67 .833  10
 2 but less than 5 years  8.00 1.000  12
 5 but less than 10 years  10.00 1.250  15
 10 but less than 15 years  12.00 1.500  18
 15 but less than 20 years 14.00 1.750  21
 20 years or more 16.00 2.000  24

Sick Leave

Sick leave with pay is a privilege granted by the Board of Commissioners for the benefit of an employee when sick; it is not to be used as personal or vacation time. Each full-time permanent and full-time probationary employee will earn sick leave at the rate of one (1) day for each completed month, or twelve (12) days for each completed year of service.  Sick leave earned by employees having a work week with different hours than the basic work week shall be determined in accordance with the formula set forth in in the Personnel Resolution. Employees must be at work or on paid leave status for one-half or more of the work days in a month to earn leave credits for the month.  The only exceptions are those on worker’s compensation leave; they continue to earn monthly leave credits. Please refer to the Sampson County Personnel Resolution, Article VI for more detailed information on Leaves of Absence.


The Sampson County Longevity Plan is intended to reward permanent employees for faithful service. With the adoption of the Pay Plan and Classification Study, longevity will only available to those employees receiving longevity at the time the Plan is fully implemented in 2018.  Annual longevity pay amounts for permanent employees are based on the length of continuous County service and a percentage of the employee’s annual base rate of pay as of November 30 in any calendar year.  Longevity pay shall be distributed to the employees by December 15.  Longevity pay amounts are computed by multiplying the employee’s annual base rate by the appropriate percentage, rounded to the nearest dollar, in accordance with the table below. Please refer to the Personnel Resolution, Article III for more detailed information on this benefit.

 Years of Continuous County Service  Longevity Pay Rate 
 10 but less than 15 years  1.50 percent
 15 but less than 20 years  2.25 percent
 20 but less than 25 years  3.25 percent
 25 or more years  4.50 percent

Employee Assistance Program

The County utilizes an Employee Assistance Program as a method of promoting employee wellness by providing assistance with distressing personal problems that affect work. It coordinates health-related or family care-related benefits so that they can best be used to help employees with a variety of personal crises and personal or family needs. Please refer to the Employee Benefits Guide for details on how to seek EAP assistance.

NC-401k-Enrollment Form
NC-401k-Instructions For Choosing Your Beneficiary
NC-401k-Request for Name and/or Address Change
NC-401k-Contribution, GoalMaker, and/or Allocation Change
NC-401k-Request for Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
NC-401k-Instructions for Service Credit Purchase
NC-401k-Instructions for Rollover Pre-Approval
NC-401k-Request for Systematic Disbursement
NC-401k-Report of Termination Request for Disbursement
NC-401k-Instructions for Requesting a Hardship Withdrawal
NC-457-Enrollment Form
NC-457-Instructions For Choosing Your Beneficiary
NC-457-Contribution, GoalMaker, and/or Allocation Change
NC-457-Request for Name and/or Address Change
NC-457k-Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments Information
Family Medical Leave Form
Release of Personnel Records Authorization
Request to Engage in Outside Employment
Voluntary Shared Leave - Application for Participation
Voluntay Shared Leave - Transfer

2017 Holiday Schedule

Cellphone Policy
Electronic Communications Policy
Personnel Resolution
Travel Policy
Vehicle Fleet Policy
Voluntary Shared Leave Policysee also forms in section above
Workers Compensation Transition Duty Policy

Confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Health & Safety Policy
The Center for Health + Wellness (discount information)

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