The primary purpose of the Employment and Training Program (Job Training Partnership Act - JTPA) is to provide job training and employment opportunities for eligible participants and to assure that other services lead to maximum employment opportunities and enhanced self-sufficiency. Those served include eligible employed, the underemployed, the dislocated worker, and youth between the ages of 16 and 21 during the summer months. Although the primary goal is to serve job and training seekers, potential employers seeking services and information regarding the labor market, employment and/or training services are also essential customers. top

On-The-Job Training
Youth: The On-The-Job-Training Program for youth provides youth between the ages of 18 and 21 on-the-job skill training with private employers willing to train such clients. The areas of training are determined through the "Occupational Training List", the client, the employer and the Office of Employment and Training. The Office of Employment and Training provides a 50% reimbursement of hourly wages to participating private employers. Maximum training duration is six months, depending upon job complexity and the Dictionary of Occupational Titles basic hour allowances.

Adults: The On-The-Job-Training Program for adults is identical to the youth program except adults 22 years old and above are served. The Office of Employment and Training locates and negotiates training opportunities within the private sector for JTPA eligible clients. As with the youth program, the Office of Employment and Training provides a 50% reimbursement of hourly wages to participating private employers.

The ultimate goal of the On-The-Job Training Program is the placement of participants in unsubsidized employment with either the employer who has provided the training or with another employer in a similar training area.

Institutional Individual Referral Program
This program screens, selects, enrolls and refers eligible assessed clients to area training facilities (community colleges, barber colleges, truck driver schools, etc.) to gain skill training in vocational/educational areas in which skill shortages exist or there is a reasonable outlook for employment. The Office of Employment and Training provides financial assistance in the area of tuition, fees, books and supplies.

The Individual Referral Program permits training in a wide variety of occupations by utilizing all of the training services available in private and public institutions. It permits flexibility with regard to when the participant may begin training, and in the length of training available for participants (the participant may be referred for a single course, several courses, or enroll in a complete curriculum).

Applicants will be required to complete a pre-application form (MSDA-1) and follow through with intake, eligibility verification and objective assessment. All applicants must be citizens of Sampson County.

Dislocated Workers Program
The Dislocated Workers Program provides a variety of training activities for individuals unemployed due to company closures and permanent layoffs.

Individual Referral (Retraining) – In coordination with area community colleges, the Office of Employment and Training provides training in areas of interest as determined by the client and the Program Specialist, through an objective assessment. During the client’s enrollment in the Individual Referral Program, on-going counseling is provided on a monthly basis. Special emphasis is place on training clients in short-term skill training areas, unless assessment shows otherwise.

On-The-Job Training (Retraining) – Clients seeking immediate employment are placed in the On-The-Job Training Program. In coordination with private business and industry, On-The-Job-Training provides training in such areas as textiles, welding, electrical services, sales, woodworking, assembly, mechanics, truck driving, etc. The Office of Employment and Training provides a 50% reimbursement of wages to employers willing to retrain these workers in skilled job areas.

Other Retraining Services – Other retraining services may include, but are not limited to, classroom training, occupational skills training, out-of-area job search, relocation, basic and remedial education, literacy and English for non-English speaking clients.

Basic Readjustment Services – Basic adjustment services include outreach and intake, job or career counseling, testing, orientation, assessment, including evaluation of education attainment of participant’s interest and aptitudes, occupational skill determination, job placement assistance, labor market information, job search supportive services (including, if needed, childcare, transportation, personal counseling, etc.). top

Summer Youth Program
This program provides work experience for young adults aged 16-21 years of age who meet eligibility criteria. The intent of the program is to encourage the participants to complete educational objectives by providing wage, work experience, education remediation (math and reading comprehension), counseling, supportive services, and labor market information. These services are provided during the summer months when the youth are out of school. The duration of the program is approximately 8 to 10 weeks, with all work experience coordinated through public and nonprofit agencies.


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