Chief Deputy

Chief Deputy - Allen Autry
The Chief Deputy Sheriff is the highest ranking appointed law enforcement officer in the Sheriff’s Office, who reports directly to the Sheriff of Sampson County. The Chief Deputy Sheriff supervises the Division Commanders of each section within the Sheriff’s Office, serving as the overall operations manager for the Sheriff’s Office.


Divisions supervised by the Chief Deputy Sheriff:

• Administration 
• Criminal Investigations
• Detention Services
• Uniform Division 
• Special Investigations

Office of the Chief Deputy:
The Office of the Chief Deputy consists of the Chief Deputy Sheriff, the Support Services Captain, the Honor Guard, the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team, and the Criminal Interdiction Team. The Chief Deputy serves as the overall Operations Manager for Sheriff’s Office activities and is assisted by the Support Services Captain, who serves as his Executive Officer. The Office of the Chief Deputy is responsible for personnel related issues, fiscal affairs, logistics, the management of the other divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, and development and supervision of programs such as the Criminal Interdiction Team.