Officiating (Umpire/Referee)

One of the most essential ways of getting involved in SCPR programs is by becoming an official. The primary prerequisites for all officials are dependability, self-confidence, a willingness to study and learn the rules, and the ability to communicate tactfully with participants. These officials assume an immense task and are there to help produce healthy, fun, and safe playing environments. SCPR provides officiating opportunities for tackle football, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball. 
Becoming an Official (Umpire/Referee)

Becoming an official is simple. All you need to do is:      
  1. Complete an Officials Application and a Criminal Record Check obtained from the main office.           
  2. Submit the completed documents to the main office, 405 County Complex Rd., Suite 130 Building B, Clinton, NC. 
  3. Once these steps are completed, SCPR will contact you when and if a position becomes available.


  1. Officials must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Experience is preferred but not required. Knowledge of the sport you are interested in officiating is helpful. Paid officials are only used for competitive sports. 
  3. Each official is responsible to provide their own uniform and sport specific equipment.
Please familiarize yourself with the rules, scoring methods, and field dimensions used in our various sports programs. This information can be found in our Local League rule books. You can get these rules by clicking here.

Official/Referee Responsibilities 

General information:

  • It is mandatory for officials to attend the preseason coaches meeting and the officials clinic offered before each season. Game assignments will be given at the preseason coaches meeting. 
  • All officials will be given a SCPR Local League Rule Book along with a National Federation High School (NFHS) rule book at the preseason coaches meeting. Officials are required to have an understanding of the NFHS rules, as well as the Local League rules. Some of the Local League rules are modifications to the High School rules; officials are expected to know these rules as well.
  • All games MUST be scheduled by the SCPR Officials Coordinator. Please do not switch games without the consent of SCPR. 
  • Once a game has been scheduled it is the official's responsibility to be at the correct game site at the scheduled game time. On Monday of each week officials will receive a text message reminder of the current week's schedule. Please verify the correct location and time and send quick reply.
  • Referee Cancellations: in the event an official is not able to make it to a scheduled game, please notify the Officials Coordinator as early as possible. Officials are asked make every effort to actually speak with the Officials Coordinator. If you are unable to reach the coordinator, please contact your District Superintendent.  

Game Day:

  • Prior to arriving at the field know the age specific times and rules for your game.
  • Arrive at the game site at least 15 minutes prior game time. Conduct the pregame coaches meeting and all necessary equipment check as soon as possible.
  • Complete the sign-in sheet. Be sure to sign out at the end of the program.
  • Be prepared with uniform, equipment, whistle, coin, watch or device for timing, water, and pen/pencil.
  • Inspect players to make sure they are not wearing any illegal equipment, jewelry, or accessories.
  • Games MUST begin on time.
  • Be clear and direct with signals and calls.