The Sampson-Clinton Public library is now providing a free online driver's ed program here

The online program is designed to prepare aspiring as well as more experienced drivers (teenagers, newcomers to North Carolina, or senior citizens) to pass their DMV written exam. It includes unlimited access to the official state driver's manuals, NC-specific DMV practice tests for car, motorcycle and commercial driver's license (CDL), a DMV exam simulator, and a DMV-related FAQ. The program doesn't collect any personal information from its users.

With this program patrons can view North Carolina’s official driver's manuals or ask about driving test preparation materials, and receive online access to's free driver's ed program. Over two thousand other US libraries (including forty-eight in North Carolina) already have. There is no charge to the library or its patrons. 

Every 90 minutes, a teenage driver loses his or her life on some American roadway. is doing its utmost to fight this horrible situation. Here are just a few of our partners:

Here are a few more links about the program: (p. 16)