Staff Resources

For Financial Policy and Administrative Concerns:

David K. Clack, Finance Officer
Ext. 2242
Melissa Burton, Deputy Finance Officer
Ext. 2243
Elizabeth Phillips, Accounting Technician II
Ext. 2241

Stephanie Washington, Internal Auditor
Ext. 2236

For Purchasing and Contracting Concerns:

Juanita Brewington, Purchasing and Contracting Officer
Ext. 2256

For Human Resources and Payroll Concerns: 

Nancy Dillman, Human Resources Management Director
Ext. 2225
Cathy McDaniel, Accounting Technician III
Ext. 2240

Melody Jones, Payroll Specialist
Ext. 2238

Patty Jackson, Benefits Specialist
Ext. 2253

For Accounts Payable, Receivable, Billing and Collections Concerns: 

Tammy Langdon, Senior Finance Technician – Accounts Payable
Ext. 2258
Dinorah Lopez-Henriquez, Senior Finance Technician – Accounts Payable
Ext. 2237
Lori Stegal, EMS Billing & Insurance Specialist
Ext. 2252

Toni Gainey, Senior Accounting Technician
Ext. 2235