Open Burning

Open burning regulations govern not only fire safety but address the effects of the smoke produced. For more detailed information on open burning please visit the links below. In any case all open burning must be constantly attended until fully extinguished. A reliable source of extinguishment must be available such as a water hose connected to a water supply.

Open burning is permissible without a permit if...

  • The material burned originates on the premises of private residences and is burned on those premises;
  • There are no public pickup services available;
  • Non-vegetative materials, such as household garbage, lumber, or any other synthetic materials are not burned;
  • The burning is initiated no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and no additional combustible material is added to the fire between 6:00 p.m. on one day and 8:00 a.m. on the following day;
  • The burning does not create a nuisance; and
  • Material is not burned when the Division of Forest Resources has banned burning for that area.

Open burning (NC Forestry Permit requirements)

  • Burning will be conducted within 500 feet of any woodland or undeveloped area and no closer than 100 feet from any occupied dwelling;
  • Burning involves natural vegetation only;
  • Permits may be obtained from an authorized Forestry Permit Agent or on-line at the following links:

Open burning for land clearing (NC Air Quality Permit)

  • Burning within 500 feet of a dwelling, group of dwellings, or commercial building
  • Burning with 250 feet of any public road
  • As noted in Section .1900 of the NC Administrative Code. Please refer to the following link: