Civil Penalties

It is the goal of the Sampson County Fire Marshal’s Office to work in conjunction with the owners and occupants of each place of business to ensure the safety of the public from fire or other emergencies. We work to educate the owners and occupants of each building on the various aspects of building safety through the inspection process. We do, however, have a zero tolerance on any locked or blocked exit door or any obstructed point in the means of egress. Locking devices shall be direct acting, require only one motion to unlock and open the exit door, and shall not require the use of a key, tool, or special knowledge to operate. Hasp, padlocks, slide bolts, and or security bars are prohibited on required exit doors. Citations are issued based on the amounts indicated below per day until corrected.

Fire Code Violations: 

  • First Offense             $100.00      
  • Second Offense        $250.00         
  • Third Offense            $500.00
Locked or Blocked Exit (Exceeded Occupant Load)

  • First Offense               $500.00      
  • Second Offense          $1,000.00 
Violations to the NC State Fire Code may be reported at any time by calling (910) 592-8996.