Sampson Area Transportation (SAT)

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Mission Statement:
It is the goal of Sampson Area Transportation to provide safe, secure, reliable, and efficient transportation to all residents and citizens of Sampson County.

Sampson County
Department of Aging
Phone: (910) 299-0127
Fax: (910) 590-2142

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
5 am to 5 pm

Physical Location
311 County Complex Rd.
Clinton, NC 28328

Rosemarie Oates
Transportation Supervisor 

System Description
Sampson Area Transportation is a consolidated transportation system that provides curb to curb transportation services throughout Sampson County. Services are available Monday-Friday from 5 am - 5 pm. Limited services are available for out-of-county medical appointments. See the schedule below or call SAT office for more information. The vehicle fleet of SAT consists of mini-vans, transit vans, and light transit vehicles, with more than half of these vehicles being ADA compliant, and able to accomodate those riders who use a wheelchair for mobility assistance. 

Please call at least two (2) business days in advance to schedule a ride. 

Days and Hours of Service
The office hours are 8 am and to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Transportation services are from 5 am - 5 pm. 

The first step in securing the services provided through SAT is to have appropriate staff complete the transportation registration form.  This form must be completed on each person and the data subsequently entered in the transportation management software. 


  • In County trips - $1.00 each way
  • Out of County trips - $20.00 round trip
If a rider is sponsored by a human service agency they may be able to ride for a reduced fare (Out of County) or, in some cases, fare free. Examples of human service agencies are Department of Social Services, Department of Aging, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran's Services. Please check with the appropriate agency for qualifying criteria. 

Public Transportation Rider Fares
Public Transportation passengers are required to pay a fare for riding.  Grant funds are used to pay for 90% of the cost of a trip, but rider fares are expected to offset the remaining 10% of a trip cost.  Sampson Area Transportation has established a fixed fare for all transportation programs. The fares are $2 per round-trip and $1 for additional stops.  Fares for one-way trips are $1.00.

Cost Sharing-Nutrition Site Passengers
Persons 60+ riding the vehicle to and from Nutrition/Senior Sites are encouraged to share in the cost-sharing services received.  A poster shall be in a designated spot in the vans identifying the services subject to State of North Carolina’s Division of Aging cost sharing policies and listing the actual cost of a one-way trip with a recommended contribution.  A fare box will be available for the riders to deposit their donation.  This poster shall be updated on an annual basis.

Cost-sharing revenues shall be counted and receipted by the Transportation Office Manager or his designee. Contribution revenues shall be forwarded to the Department of Aging offices where they will be counted, verified, and forwarded to the Finance Office.


Passenger Assistance Policy
Sampson Area Transportation (SAT) is committed to providing safe, efficient, and effective transportation services to all residents of Sampson County.   The drivers will assist all passengers on and off the vehicle when requested.  However, no employee shall go inside a rider’s home or on any outside structure connected to the home (porch or deck).  There are two exceptions. First, a wheelchair-bound individual can be pushed up or down a wheelchair ramp.  This still does not allow the driver to enter the home.  The individual is responsible for going in and out of their residence.  The second exception is in a life-or-death emergency.  At that time, the driver must use their judgment and report to the office as soon as possible.  The driver will complete a report by the end of the business day.

Passenger Rules
The following rules for passengers shall be observed by all persons riding SAT vehicles.  Passengers must also observe any additional rules of SAT.  Failure to abide by passenger rules may restrict ridership.

  1. Always wait for the van at a safe distance from the road.
  2. Take your seat promptly (there are no reserved seats unless there is a medical reason).
  3. All passengers must wear seatbelts; wheelchair passengers are to be buckled and shoulder/waist straps in place.
  4. Please do not talk loudly, disturb the driver, use profanity, extend any part of the body out of the van, move or stand up when the vehicle is in motion, eat, drink, chew tobacco, spit, smoke, or solicit fellow passengers to purchase goods or services.
  5. Passengers will not be allowed to board if in the opinion of the driver they are suffering from some alcohol or drug impairment.
  6. Individuals must maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.  Failure to do so could lead to denial of transportation.
  7. Van drivers have the authority to refuse transportation to a rider if, in their judgment, the rider jeopardizes safety or sanitation standards.
  8. It is the rider’s responsibility to contact Sampson Area Transportation to inform them of any changes to their schedule.  Any rider who fails to notify SAT of cancellations they are considered a “no-show”. When the van is dispatched to a location on 3 consecutive trips and they are “no-shows,” the rider will have their riding privileges suspended for 30 days. 
  9. Rider wait time:  Wait time is defined as the time a van waits for a client either at the home or pickup destination.  SAT wait time is five (5) minutes from arrival.  The driver will use the vehicle’s horn in an effort to get the rider’s attention.  After 5 minutes, the vehicle will continue on its route.
  10. Limitation on drop-offs permitted:  Riders being transported under SAT’s public transportation element of our services will be limited to two (2) drop-offs during a trip.  Each additional drop will be at a cost of $1.00 per stop.
Children and Passenger Assistants
One child can ride free per adult.  If a parent has two children, they must pay for one or have a second adult ride so the second child can be free.  A passenger assistant may ride free, if they are riding to help with the mobility needs of the passenger.

Children riding alone
SAT will not transport a child under the age of 15 unsupervised.

Child safety seats
The child’s parent(s) will be responsible for having and installing a child safety seat on the van for transportation services.  The child safety seat shall be age and weight appropriate. Children younger than age 5 and less than 40 pounds must have a child restraint seat. Children who are 8 or over 80 pounds can be restrained in a properly fitted seat belt.  If there is any doubt to the child’s age, weight, or restraint system needed, the driver is instructed to contact Transportation Supervisor or Office Manager.  All children and passengers will follow North Carolina laws concerning seatbelt usage.

Routes shall be established to insure maximum utilization of transportation staff and vehicles. Routes are established and modified according to participation patterns and requests for service.  All routes will be established by SAT within their limits of service.  New requests for service will be based on availability of transportation resources within SAT.                   

Transportation services operate Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:30 am to 4:00 pm and routing must work within these parameters. Clients are to call into the administrative office and request transportation by 12:00 pm the day before. This allows the schedule to be completed and printed in time for drivers to go over it and ask any questions. Occasionally, trips can be added on after the deadline or first thing in the morning, depending on any cancellations of service.

Veterans Transportation Out of County
Appointments for VA trips should be made between 7 am and 12 pm. Appointments for specialist traveling from other hospitals can be extended to 12 pm. The Veterans Service Officer can assist in verifying the need for appointments after fpm.  Clients who are requesting “walk-in” appointments will be referred to the Sampson County Veterans Officer for help in obtaining an appointment. If a rider needs lab-work done, the VA service officer has the ability to certify that the client is in the computer for lab-work and can be seen on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. SAT will also group up more clients if possible. (There will be an occasion that one (1) client will be on the schedule for a particular day and a separate client on the schedule for the next day. The Transportation Supervisor or Office Manager will talk to the clients to see if one appointment can be changed to the next day. The Veterans Service Officer will be contacted if needed to help with this change. Appointments for lab work are one example that can be re-scheduled.)

The fare for out-of-county veteran trips is $5.00. 

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday 
Week 1 OFF FAY FAY Durham OFF
Week 2  FAY Durham  Durham  OFF  FAY 
Week 3  FAY  Durham  FAY  OFF  FAY* 
Week 4  Durham  FAY OFF  FAY  OFF
* denotes the one day of the month that a wheelchair lift vehicle will be made available for transportation to and from Fayetteville VA.

Complaint Policy
If any employee should receive a complaint from a passenger or anyone else regarding the transportation system, the employee will report the complaint to Transportation Services Supervisor immediately.  The information necessary to provide a response is the person’s name, address, telephone number, and the specifics of the complaint.  Or the complainant can call the Transportation Supervisor at 910-299-0127.

Suggestions are also welcome from anyone and will be treated with the same consideration as a complaint.  All complaints and suggestions will receive a written response as expediently as possible.

Service Animals Policy
Service animals accompanying a passenger with a disability will be allowed to ride on SAT vehicles.  If the driver is in doubt about an animal, they have the right to question the passenger as to the authenticity of the animal being a service animal.